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Through Shadow Work you can regain control of the parts of yourself that are now controlling you

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“I watched my husband work through a sad and painful part of his childhood. It was a revelation to us both and it’s enabling us to talk about things now that we both used to avoid at all costs. It’s certainly deepened our relationship.”

“Despite its dark & mysterious name, I found “Shadow Work” to be a very safe and precise way of exploring issues that were buried deep in the tapestry of my being. Perhaps because its tools are drawn from golden threads that have existed in mankind for millennia, I found it possible to travel further than I had been before and return still carrying the truths I had uncovered.”

“This is the most powerful, healing work I have ever undertaken. I am in awe of the power of life force that keeps us alive against sometimes terrifying, painful agonising early experiences. Shadow Work is the only work I believe that can free you to enter your life fully.”

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