BECOMING a facilitator

Become a group or one-to-one Shadow Work Facilitator


Shadow Work offers two kinds of facilitation paths

  • The Certification Path Training's for facilitating Shadow Work groups.
  • The The Coaching Training for facilitating Shadow Work with individuals

Recommended Preparation

It is recommended that you attend at least one Shadow Work seminar before attending the Basic Facilitator Training. For upcoming seminars, see the Events. Other options include Women in Power, the New Warrior Training Adventure, Woman Within, the Inner King Training, the Inner Sovereign Leadership Training, the Priestess Path and Inward Journey. 

Contact Information for training's

For more information on facilitation trainings, coaching trainings, or Shadow Types trainings, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. John and Nicola Kurk  or Call on +44(0)1386 858947.

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