The Leader Training teaches you how to hold a container for a group of people doing Shadow Work. On a practical level, it teaches you how to run a Shadow Work seminar, from registering participants to ending the workshop.

As a facilitator, it teaches you how to use the principles behind the Shadow Work Identity Wound processes in conversation: how to talk Tombstone, talk Predator, talk God-Split, and talk Good Guy-Bad Guy. On a personal level, it gives you a command of the emotional "circuitry" underlying these processes.

In order to qualify for the Leader Training, you must first attend the The Basic Facilitator Training and the The Advanced Facilitator Training. The Leader Training is the third step to becoming Certified as a Shadow Work Group Facilitator. This training is recommended but not required prior to attending the The Coaching Training. Read the brochure for this training.

For training dates and costs, see the Calendar of Events.





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