Everyone on this page is either a certified Shadow Work Group Facilitator or coach, and in somecases both. They have all met the stringent education and certification requirements of Shadow Work Seminars Inc. Everyone listed here actively maintains their certification and engages in ongoing supervision of their work, thereby upholding the professional and ethical standards that make this group of people the gold standard in Shadow Work.

Shadow Work group facilitator certification requirements are: Completion of three residential week long intensive training programmes; apprentice at Shadow Work group sessions: some years of extensive individual practice; a fully supervised delivery of a Shadow Work certification seminar.

Shadow Work Coaching cwertification requirments are:Completion of three residential week long intensive training programmes;multiple coaching sessions.


For more information please see Facilitator Trainings and our Shadow Work Practitioners Ethics

The Advanced Facilitator Training is an intense practicum using the tools demonstrated in the DVD Training Series. The scope of what you can expect to get out of this training is enormous and includes: 

  • A solid grounding in advanced Shadow Work facilitation skills, including how to facilitate the four Identity Wound processes.
  • Learning about the deepest wounds that human beings carry and how those wounds manifest themselves in various behaviours
  • A powerful experience of your own personal growth
    Professional facilitating skills that you can apply yourself, at home or in your community

Participants in this training will receive the appropriate DVDs and manual approximately six weeks before the training, so they can become familiar with the tools and processes before the training. This training is highly experiential, and has a small participant-to-trainer ratio. It involves a great deal of hands-on facilitation time, both in practice situations and in real processes.

In order to qualify for the Advanced Training, you must first attend The Basic Facilitator Training. The Advanced Training is the second step to becoming Certified as either a Shadow Work Group Facilitator or a Shadow Work Coach for individual sessions.

After attending this training, you are eligible to attend the Leader Training and the Coaching Training.

Read the brochure for this training.

For training dates and costs, see the Calendar of Events.





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