Everyone on this page is either a certified Shadow Work Group Facilitator or coach, and in somecases both. They have all met the stringent education and certification requirements of Shadow Work Seminars Inc. Everyone listed here actively maintains their certification and engages in ongoing supervision of their work, thereby upholding the professional and ethical standards that make this group of people the gold standard in Shadow Work.

Shadow Work group facilitator certification requirements are: Completion of three residential week long intensive training programmes; apprentice at Shadow Work group sessions: some years of extensive individual practice; a fully supervised delivery of a Shadow Work certification seminar.

Shadow Work Coaching cwertification requirments are:Completion of three residential week long intensive training programmes;multiple coaching sessions.


For more information please see Facilitator Trainings and our Shadow Work Practitioners Ethics

Nick Klyne


Location: Brighton, UK
Contact details: email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view
Qualifications: Certified one-to-one Shadow Work Coach, Certified Shadow Work Group Facilitator

Nick began his international coaching and workshop facilitation career over 20 years ago spesilising in personal and culture transformation. He is a Certified Shadow Work Coach and certified Group Facilitator working in Brighton, UK.

Nick Klyne began his international coaching and workshop facilitation career over 20 years ago spesilising in personal and culture transformation.  He has specialised in leadership development and has been accountable for the training and mentoring of an international team of world-class coaches and consultants. His passion is working with people to produce unprecedented results through being 100% themselves and of course having fun! 

Organisation was excellent - clear messages about timings, expectations, all added to the sense of security. 'Ambience' - very welcoming and informal and comfortable.....fantastic food too. Your commitment is phenomenal and I am in awe of your ability to stay with each one of us - and your energy!

Irene - Portsmouth


I notice real changes in the beliefs I hold about myself, and in the ways in which I interact with others. At work, there is a new manifestation of confidence. I am able to make decisions and follow through more easily. And project my voice! Amazing! How good it felt to talk to senior researchers with a confident, grounded voice yesterday. I have really needed that. In my relationship, there is also more confidence.

 Margret - Brighton





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