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Shadow Work is a way to bring your true self out of shadow and into the light.

Shadow Work is a way of transforming parts of your character that you'd like to change with compassion and understanding, and offers an effective technology for balancing these diverse parts. Shadow Work includes a set of facilitated processes that allow individuals to explore and change almost any behaviour pattern. Shadow Work is especially devoted to providing a setting that allows people to explore and evolve themselves safely, purposefully and without pressure from the facilitator.

Based on Cliff Barry's unique synthesis of ancient and modern tools, Shadow Work uses a four-directional "map of the mind" to identify  and work through your "shadows."

Shadow Work seeks to bring your hidden powers out of the shadow and into the light. We all have these hidden powers within us. But we don't always allow ourselves to use them. We have all been hurt, and we have learned to hide certain parts of ourselves so we don't get hurt again.

Shadow Work is a way to explore our inner landscape and discover the gold hiding in the shadows. It is a way to become more and more who we really are. Shadow Work is a way to face the hurt, the fear, the anger, and learn how to live more fully. Most of all, it is a way to love ourselves for the journeys we have chosen. 

Links to further reading

There has been a lot written about working with the Shadow, and about Shadow Work in General

About Shadow Work

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Consulting with Shadow Work

Regarding working with the Shadow

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