How is Shadow Work Done ?

Begin to understand how Shadow Work is done and how it might be useful to you

Firstly, you may choose to attend a Shadow Work Seminar, where you can work in a group with other people who have come to examine their shadows together. Here, you can share the path with others who will help motivate you with acceptance and encouragement. You may choose to learn from watching how others process their shadows. When you see others finding the courage hidden within their fear, or the power in their anger, you may be able to apply that learning directly to your own situation.

 Or, secondly, you may choose to experience Shadow Work in a coaching context. You may prefer the privacy of working one-on-one with a Certified Shadow Work Coach, where you can be coached over the phone, or choose from sessions lasting from several hours to several days.

Links to further reading

There has been a lot written about working with the Shadow, and about Shadow Work in General

About Shadow Work

This is the main Shadow Work website in the US
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Consulting with Shadow Work

Regarding working with the Shadow

A very good talk by Debbie Ford on the Shadow
Here is a link to Robert A. Johnson's excellent book, Owning your own Shadow: Understanding the Dark Side of the Shadow.
We love Robert Bly's Little Book of the Human Shadow
Excellent article by Debbie Ford on the Shadow Beyond The Blue Snow: Finding the Gift of the Shadow
Befriending the Shadow, an article by David Richo
 An article called Me and My Shadow by Sally Kempton 

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