A Shadow Work Process

Exposing parts of your shadow can feel risky. To work effectively with your shadows, you need a place where you feel safe — a place where you can trust others. Shadow Work provides you with such a place.


The Shadow Work process starts when the shadow work facilitator asks the question: "what would you like to have happen?" whatever you want to have happen then becomes the guiding force in your process.

Most often, people want something that falls into one of these categories:

  •  To understand why they behave in a certain way
  •  To get help or support for unfolding more of themselves
  •  To work with feelings like fear, grief, anger or shame
  •  To break through old patterns of behaviour

Using the Shadow Work tools, the facilitator can help you symbolically reconstruct your issue, so the shadow can be identified and viewed objectively. The facilitator can then help you with powerful techniques to recapture and harness the energy of the shadow. Options for dealing with the shadow are measured by what you want to have happen. You will not be pressured to go beyond your own level of choice.

A Shadow Work process generally involves the safe exploration of deep emotions. Each human emotion is like a doorway that can open up to an expanse of internal energy.


Anger opens up to our ability to set our boundaries. It helps us learn when to say, "Yes" and when to say, "No." It stops us from getting trapped in unhealthy situations, and it helps us know who we really are


Sadness is a doorway to our connection with other people. It opens us up to love, revealing our vulnerability and desire for loving relationship. Sadness helps us connect with the spiritual realities we hold sacred. It helps us stay in tune with our bodies and with nature


Fear can help us detach from a situation, and look at it objectively. Fear can be a wonderful advisor, which creates new options for our future and counsels us about the present


Joy can inspire us to live our dreams. Joy can give us courage and direction when we are lost, and bless us with the knowledge that our lives have real meaning





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