We call the circle of people and the overall environment within which processing can be done the ‘container’. A ‘safe container’ means that outside pressures are temporarily set aside. In the group, everyone withholds judgement, examines their own prejudices and refrains from giving advice. This means that the participants can appreciate and learn from the different journeys we have each chosen. Feeling the depth and power of love in a truly safe and shame-free Shadow Work container is often an inspiring experience in and of itself. To work effectively with your shadows, you need a place where you feel safe, a place where you can trust others. Shadow Work provides you with such a place.

Our shadows can mess up our life: that’s why we put these parts ourselves out of sight in the first place. Shadow Work creates an opportunity in your life to bring these parts of you out of the bag slowly, safely and by choice.

The process creates ‘virtual’ situations where you can experiment freely without the fear of real-life consequences. Trained facilitators can help you break the job down into manageable parts, so you don’t lose your perspective. Shadows can be very seductive. A trained facilitator can help you remember the overall goals you have chosen for yourself. In a Shadow Work seminar you can share the path with others, who will help motivate you with acceptance and encouragement. You may want to learn from watching how others process their shadows. When you see others finding the courage hidden within their fear, or the power in their anger, you may be able to apply that learning directly to your own situation.

The Shadow Work process starts when the facilitators ask the question: “What do you want to have happen here for you?” This then becomes the guiding force and direction in your process.

Using a variety tools, the facilitators help you to reconstruct your issue symbolically, so that the shadow can be identified and viewed objectively. The facilitators can suggest perspectives about the shadow and may facilitate powerful techniques to help you recapture and harness the energy of the shadow in a safe environment. Options for dealing with the shadow are measured by what you want to have happen. You will not be pressured to go beyond your own level of choice.

The core of every shadow contains a nugget of power and strength. Your shadows are like a gold mine of buried treasure, filled with unknown creative, useful energy. You have the opportunity to work on the issues buried in your shadow until you feel you can integrate the gold you find there.





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